Today’s entry in the “I never knew I needed this until I saw it” category is the WA8700 top load washing machine from Samsung. When I’m working wardrobe for a show, I spend more time than I care to think about hand washing and/or spot treating costume pieces, and it’s always a sloppy mess. No matter how careful you are, if you’re trying to transfer something from a sink to the washer for further cleaning, you’re going to get water all over the floor.

Samsung has come up with something wonderful to fix that! Built into the top of what otherwise is a standard top-loading washing machine is a sink, complete with its own faucet. When you need to pre-scrub something due to stains, just plop it in the sink, add some water and whatever soap you desire, and scrub it. The sink’s interior even has a washboard-like surface to make scrubbing easier. When you’re done, simply tip up the sink and the clothing (including water) is dumped into the main drum of the washing machine for further laundering. No mess!


What’s even neater, at least for me, is the idea that I can hand wash delicate items, then rinse them, and then spin them out in the washing machine rather than having to carry them across the room dripping or try to roll them in a towel. If you do a large amount of hand washing, you know what I’m talking about. Being able to spin out the rinse water without making a mess would make my life immeasurably easier.

The WA8700 is available in either 4.8 or 5.2 cubic foot (136 or 147 L) drum capacities, with either white or platinum finish, with prices starting at $899.00 US going up depending on capacity and finish chosen.

Source: Gizmag

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