We have smartphones. Some of you might own smart TVs. It’s about time you start getting some smart home appliances too.

Back in January, I made my way over to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show and saw all kinds of smarter homes products and now one of them is coming to fruition. The Samsung RF4289 refrigerator was showcased at CES and it’ll be showing up at an appliance store near you later this month.

The price? A cool $3,500. That’s definitely more expensive than most fridges on the market today, of course, but this 28-cubic foot beer chiller and frozen pizza holder comes with a bonus: an embedded 8-inch touchscreen. This works not unlike a tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity, Twitter app, Pandora streaming radio, Epicurious app, sticky notes, and so on. From what I can gather, it’s Android with a custom UI skin.

Remember that the touchscreen is permanently attached to the $3,500 Samsung fridge. You might be better off buying a cheaper fridge and pairing it with a cheap Android tablet instead. Spend that extra cash on, you know, stuff to go in the fridge. You gotta eat, right? Mmm… food….

Source: Electronista

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