After the “fixed” Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units started exploding just like the defective phones they replaced, this was only a matter of time. Samsung has temporarily halted production of the handset, in cooperation with consumer safety agencies in South Korea, China, and the United States. The company has yet to issue an official statement.

The suspension involves a Samsung plant in Vietnam, and Samsung is supposedly working diligently with authorities to figure out why their replacement units are having the same issue as the initial line of handsets. The company has made a few statements about trying to protect consumers, but they’ve also reportedly tried to cover up a few stories.

This had to happen. Last week we told you that all four major U.S. carriers are now offering exchanges for the Galaxy Note 7, and I said that maybe that should be the end of the phone. I know it’s not that simple for Samsung, but it might not be worth all the money they’re dumping into resolving the issue (which obviously didn’t work the first time). The Note 7 name is tainted, if nothing else.

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