The most frustrating thing about getting good video is not necessarily the picture, but the audio. You can have the most beautiful video in the world, but a noisy, hissy, or unintelligible soundtrack can make or break an otherwise great video. And that’s the main problem with many of today’s built-in/on-camera microphone solutions. However, the folks at RØDE feel your pain and have created a solution that is both small and lightweight and easy to use. Introducing, the RØDE VideoMic GO.

RØDE VideoMic GO takes most of the guess work out of the whole audio capture experience by being as simple as possible. It forgoes the advanced filters and level adjustments found in their other VideoMic products. In exchange, you get an extremely lightweight microphone (73 grams) that easily attaches to any camera with a hotshoe, and attaches via a single, detachable, 3.5mm cable. It doesn’t even require a battery, making it potentially an option for smaller cameras like GoPros.

The suspension system is simple, but seemingly effective, and the tight pickup pattern of the shotgun design ensures that whatever you point the mic at is more or less what you’ll pick up. A built in windscreen provides some outdoor wind protection.


This product is clearly designed for folks that have a video capable DSLR that takes some really great looking video, but fixes that issue of poor audio that comes from less than ideal on camera mics. RØDE’s approach is a very good one because it keeps the task of quality audio acquisition out of mind so that you can continue to focus on composing the shot.

The RØDE VideoMic GO is shipping now and will go on sale for around $99.99 USD and should be available at the usual places when it hits shelves soon. More details are available in the press release below.

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RØDE delivers on-camera audio on the GO!

Monday November 18th 2013, Sydney Australia – The new VideoMic GO from RØDE is the latest release in the Australian audio company’s successful range of VideoMic microphones for on-camera usage. Compact and light weight by design, the VideoMic GO delivers clear, crisp, directional audio with incredible ease of use.

Its tight pickup area focuses directly in front of the microphone and reduces other surrounding sounds, ensuring that the user can isolate their subject from distracting background noise. At only 73gm (2.5oz) it is RØDE’s lightest on-camera microphone and sports an impressively compact form factor.

Designed to be as user-friendly as possible, the VideoMic GO has no switches or settings, and is powered by the camera or recording device’s external microphone input, requiring no batteries to operate.

The microphone features an integrated suspension based on Rycote’s Lyre system, which utilises a single piece of thermoplastic to isolate the microphone from knocks and bumps that could otherwise interfere with performance. In addition to its superior performance the Lyre system is hard-wearing and will never wear out, sag or snap, unlike traditional elastic-based suspension.

“The VideoMic GO is the perfect microphone for consumers wanting to get started shooting high-definition video with their DSLR, ‘point-and-shoot’ or even GoPro cameras.” Commented Damien Wilson, RØDE’s Global Marketing & Sales Director. “We’ve all experienced how terrible the audio can be using a camera’s built-in microphone, and the VideoMic GO is the answer to getting audio that matches the quality of the images, without the additional EQ and level features that are available on our other VideoMic models.”

“This user-friendly ‘plug and play’ approach, combined with its lightweight, small form factor make it ideal for carrying in small camera bags, ready at any time to capture the moment.”

The VideoMic GO is shipping now. For more information please visit www.rodemic.com/videomicgo

About RØDE microphones:
RØDE Microphones (www.rodemic.com) designs and manufactures high-quality microphones and related accessories for studio, live and location use. Its products are designed and primarily manufactured in Sydney, Australia and exported to over 100 countries globally.

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