ROCKI - free your music

Do you want to rock?! Well, then maybe you could use ROCKI, the new wireless music system from the company of the same name. While they havent launched their Kickstarter campaign just yet, theyre about to, and right now theyre just trying to drum up interest in their product.

ROCKI is a small receiver that connects to your smartphone via WiFi and plugs into your stereo through headphone or RCA jacks. You can then use the ROCKI mobile app to play your music through the stereo while remotely controlling the volume and tracks. The app also supports music streaming services like Spotify and social playlisting features are currently being tested.

You can follow their progress at their official website and well likely let you know when they launch their Kickstarter. Im trying to think of a very rock and roll-esque sign off that I could use, but in truth Im just not that cool.

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