Remember Rock Band? I feel like I need to ask that because the rythym game fake-instrument genre that once dominated the social gaming scene has all but vanished completely over the past few years, and I imagine there are countless gamers out there who have the peripherals collecting dust in a closet or garage.

Are you ready to dust them off? Do you have it in you to pick up the axe one more time?

It might not be the last time, either, if Haromix’s Rock Band 4 finds the same amount of success its predecessors did when it hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall. And there’s good news for fans who have purchased DLC music in the past – that music will be supported with the new version. Harmonix is apparently working with Microsoft and Sony to support legacy hardware, too.

If you don’t have the hardware, MadCatz is developing all new gear for this current generation iteration of the franchise, which will reportedly be going back to basics. The popularity of the Rock Band series turned it into an absolute beast, spawning a number of themed spin-offs, a keyboard peripheral, and even a feature where you could plug in a real guitar. Rock Band 4 is doing away with all that nonsense and bringing the series back to its roots.

via Engadget

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