Inventors John Christie and Lou Britts have been working on a revolutionary electrical generator over the past 5 years. According to the Australian inventors, the generator is capable of producing up to five times more energy than it consumes, thus breaking one of the principal laws of physics, the Law of Conservation of Energy.

In short, the law states that the total amount of energy in a closed system remains constant over time and neither can energy be created nor destroyed. However, the clever Aussies seem to have taken this law and thrown it out the window. John Christie states that his small electrical motor prototype is capable of generating 24KW/h of electricity per day, which is more than enough to meet all the electrical needs of an average sized home.

According to John, the generator itself is kickstarted from power stored in an external battery and afterwards draws a small percentage of the power it generates to run, while producing excess electricity for other uses. Of course, as word leaked out about this invention, investors around the world are trying to woo this dynamic duo with seed capital. No independent verification of the claims have yet been made, but if it proves true could have startling consequences for the world at large.

Imagine every home having its own free power station, or electric cars that the can run perpetually and never need to be hooked up to charge up massive banks of batteries. Imagine what this technology can do for the electrical generation needs of impoverished third world developing countries. And best of all, this technology is clean as it does not depend on consuming fossil fuels or coal. Mr. Christie estimates that once the generators go into production in a few years, they would cost about $5,000. Simply amazing.

Source: YouTube Video via Sky News Australia

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