Have you ever desperately needed a nap, but ambient noise makes that impossible? Happens to me all the time, whether I’m on a plane, at home, or on a break at work. If I’m tired enough I can manage to fall asleep anyway, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I resort to earplugs, but then that makes it harder to hear things I need to, like my alarm.

Hush bills itself as “The World’s First Smart Earplugs”, and while I have no idea if that claim is true or not they are pretty darn brilliant. In addition to blocking out most noise as regular earplugs will, Hush also plays calming sounds to mask any noises that might slip through. But Hush doesn’t leave you vulnerable, unable to hear noises you need (such as your alarm); it allows you to control which alerts you’ll hear during your slumber, while blocking those that are not so important.

Hush earplugs are wireless, relying on Bluetooth Low Energy technology for power to give you soothing sounds for up to 10 hours. It pairs with an app on your smartphone, so all audio files are stored locally. There are a number of soothing sounds to choose from, including both white and pink noise, a babbling brook, crackling fire, fan, and rainfall. You can even track your Hush earplugs if you happen to lose one via the app.


The earplugs themselves are made of memory foam and silicone padding, with an angled design and curved exterior specifically made to stay in place comfortably whether you sleep on your side or not. They’re perfect for anyone who has a need to catch some Zs in a noisy environment.

If you’d like a pair of Hush Earplugs for your own, you’ll have to hurry. They currently have about a week left in their Kickstarter campaign, where a pledge of at least $115.00 will get you a set. However, they have already surpassed their funding goal by more than five times what they sought, so even if you don’t get in on this initial offering I’m sure they’ll be available in stores. They’re predicting late spring to early summer 2015 for shipping to their backers.

Source: Oh Gizmo

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