Savioke's Relay robots have been on the job at a Las Vegas Renaissance hotel (and elsewhere) for three months, roaming the halls, riding the elevators, and delivering things to guests. The staff members like them because they bear some of the burden during busy times. The guests like them because they're robots that bring you things and call your telephone. Elvis and Priscilla, the hotel's two robots, will soon be able to do more as well.

The next function on the agenda is the ability to detect sections in the building with poor Wi-Fi quality, which is one of the most common complaints the hotel gets. If either of the robots detects a spot in the hotel with poor (or no) Wi-Fi, they will automatically report the location to the IT department, who can take it from there. Another function coming down the pipe is debris detection. The robot will find discarded food trays or trash and let staff no which areas need to be cleaned up. Finally, since the guests love the bots so much, they're getting a "mingle" function, which will allow them to dispense treats and tell jokes. In all likelihood, the robots will tell funnier jokes than a lot of humans I know personally.

Deliveries from front desk to hotel room take on average 3.5 minutes, which is surprisingly speedy. What's even better is that the bots navigate using a pre-generated map, so there's no relying on an Internet connection. Let that sink in, though. Even if we kill the Internet, the relay robots won't die. And they're being trained to give us treats, perhaps to placate us and distract us from their true motives? And they can place phone calls, so even if they don't outright murder us, we can at least expect to be prank-called by a robot. So yeah, go mingle with your new robo-bestie, traitor.

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