Yesterday we reported that Apple is taking its time with the new Mac Pro, hoping to get the redesign just right. It turns out that may not be the only Apple product that’s going to take longer than usual to manufacture thanks to an overhaul. The rumored iPhone 8, the tenth anniversary iPhone, may also take longer than expected to release.

The iPhone 8 is supposedly seeing some pretty big changes, and one of those changes is the swap to an edge-to-edge OLED screen. Unfortunately, not only will this screen change potentially put the price at over $1000, but it could also slow down production and cause the new phone to miss the usual September launch window.

Like I said when I wrote up the Mac Pro, this shouldn’t be taken as bad news. We should welcome reinvention. God forbid we have to wait a little more than 365 days for a new phone. Shudder.

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