To kick off the new year (a month into it), Razer is releasing a fancy 2018 Gold Edition Razer Phone for all you collectors of gamer-oriented smartphones! All, I don’t know, three of you? You have to be out there, right? So, did you like the Razer Phone when it released back in November? More importantly, do you hate your money and want all of it to go away? This is the phone for you!

To be fair to Razer, the limited gold edition doesn’t cost any more than the standard edition, and it definitely looks snazzy, so if you are in the market for the phone (it has a very niche appeal, but the reviews weren’t bad), this is definitely the one to pick up. And it comes in a very nice looking red-sleeved box with gold foiling. Sometimes I get more excited about the packaging than the product itself. I’m a cat, apparently.

If I haven’t completely dissuaded you, which is not my intention, the phone goes on sale today for $699.99USD in three Hong Kong locations, and online at RazerStore Hong Kong and RazerStore US. Supplies are limited. If you want to buy the fancy gold Razer phone, go nuts. There is something to be said about owning stuff that just looks cool.

But, if you already own a Razer phone and you drop an extra seven-hundo on this variant, I will come to your house and throw it in the toilet. And sign you up for money management classes.


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