What are the odds that in ten minutes of scanning the web for gadgets to write about I would find both a cassette converter and an LP converter? I couldn’t be more excited! I mentioned I’ve got a collection of cassettes, but I also have quite a few records. For you young ones…those are discs made of vinyl that have grooves cut into them. When you place the needle of the record player in the grooves, music comes out. Maybe you know that, since vinyl is making something of a comeback in the alternative music scene.

Anyway, history lesson aside, this is a pretty neat little gadget. It’s obviously a record player, with RCA audio outputs you can connect to your home stereo system. But it also uploads music to your computer while you play it via the included USB cable (which also happens to be how it is powered). You also get a CD of the EZ Converter program so you can easily create MP3s from your albums. It’s compatible with Windows XP, Vista or 7 (both 32- and 64-bit) and Apple OS X 10.4 or better. Of course, if your records are scratched (and whose aren’t?) those sounds will also make the transition to MP3, so even though you’re listening to digital music you’ll still have the vinyl experience.

You can pick one up today for just £49.99. It’s really a small price to pay to be able to listen to your albums (and quite probably embarrass your kids) again!

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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