Real life is becoming more and more like the Truman Show everyday. Thats not a complaint, just an observation. In addition to the absurd amount of reality television that has taken over the airwaves, the mass availability of video recording devices has created a phenomenon out of recording even the most mundane aspects of everyday life.

Quebee Inc is looking to bring a little style and ease into the mix with the Quebee, which theyre calling your own personal camera man. The tiny camera can be remotely controlled from your smartphone and multiple cameras can be synced up to record all at once, to make sure youre covering all the angles.

If youre the kind of person who likes to capture everything, Quebee certainly makes the job a lot easier for you, and allows you to be in the picture for once. We all know at least one person whos always taking pictures or shooting video, yet is never in any of the content because theyre always behind the camera. Quebee rectifies that problem.

Their kickstarter is asking for $100,000, and theyre at $48,144 with 16 days to go.

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