Qualcomm isn’t messing around when it comes to charging times. Their Snapdragon chipsets aren’t just known for their processing power, but they’re charging standards, too. Qualcomm announced the Quick Charge 4.0 technology just six months ago, but they’ve already outdone themselves once again.

Out with the Quick Charge 4, in with the Quick Charge 4+. There’s a plus sign now.

The upside to consumers is obvious: faster (and safer) charging. There’s an upside to manufacturers, too. Generally a quick charge update requires a whole new chipset, but this newest upgrade only requires manufacturers to add three enhancements to Quick Charge 4-complaint devices. “Dual charge,” which is now more powerful, “intelligent thermal balancing” which uses whichever dual charge pathway is the coolest to prevent overheating, and “advanced safety features” that will monitor temperatures of both the phone and the connector.

According to Qualcomm, devices upgraded to this standard can charge up to 15-percent faster than Quick Charge 4, as well as 30-percent more efficiently and up to 3-degrees Fahrenheit cooler. Unfortunately, even though it’s not difficult for manufacturers to add these enhancements, they are hardware enhancements, which means that existing devices can’t get them through a patch.

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