Who says geeks are wimps? I bet they’d change their tune if you came at them with one of these! This is the kind of thing that grabs your attention and you can’t help thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?” Well, someone else did, and all we can do is swallow our jealousy and buy one. Me, I would love to keep one on my desk for when people are annoying me.

This is exactly what it appears to be…a whip made of ethernet cables. There’s really nothing more to it, other than that it’s neat. You can either hang it as a decoration or use it (we’ll never tell), or pick some up for your co-workers and stage a cubicle battle. Whatever strikes your fancy. It comes in a variety of colours, which you can mix and match, so each one can be personalized to its owner. And what you do behind closed office doors is no business of mine.

The best part is that these are actually available for just $35.00 US each.

Source: Technabob

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