When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does something, I take notice. I can’t speak for my colleagues, but I will anyway: we all love The Rock. He’s a global treasure and someday he’ll save us from an alien invasion, either by waging a one-man interstellar war or simply charming them into submission. And now, he has headphones. Introducing Project Rock.

Developed by audio company JBL in a partnership with Under Armour, the headphones are technically the new UA Sport Wireless headphones, only they’re the Project Rock Edition and they feature his signature Brahma Bull logo on the sides. Using Under Armour fabrics, they feature SuperVent lining that allows them to breathe, as well as Under Armour grip material on the inside of the pads and headband that keep them comfortable and secure.

The idea behind the design is to keep the headphones in place no matter how intense your workout nor how sweaty you get. Whether they’ll fulfill that promise remains to be seen, but the pads do detach so they can be washed, which is something you very much need if you’re going to be soaking them with sweat. The headphone case is also ventilated to help them dry out.

Thanks to JBL, a 5-minute charge gets you an hour of use and there’s a TalkThru function that quiets the music and uses microphones to help you talk to people around you without taking the headphones off. Charging the pair for 2 hours gets you 16 hours of listening time and the microphones can be used for Siri and Google Now. You can pick up the headphones from Under Armour stores right now for $249.

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