"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

Well, at least it's a wonderful time of the year for rampant consumerism, because Amazon Prime Day is in full swing and the deals are coming in fast and furious. If you've been itching to get your hands on a brand new tablet for less than a hundred bucks, Amazon is loading up on the savings. Perhaps the best deal of the bunch is the new Amazon Fire 7 tablet with Alexa, clocking in at just $29.99 for Prime members.

It's nowhere near the most powerful or the fanciest tablet on the block, of course, but you can't really complain when it's about the same price as a very affordable pair of jeans. Or like a single hardcover book... of which this tablet can store thousands through the Kindle app.

For $29.99 ($20 off the regular price of $49.99), the version of this Amazon Fire 7 Tablet comes with the "special offers" on the lock screen and 8GB of storage. It's also got Alexa and a microSD slot. You can bump up to the 16GB model for $20 more ($49.99), remove the special offers for $15 more ($44.99), or do both for $35 more ($64.99). If you buy three of these tablets, you can save an extra $10 by entering the promo code FIRE3PACK at checkout. The Fire 7 Tablet comes in your choice of black, canary yellow, marine blue or punch red.

The rest of the Fire Tablet family is also similarly marked down:

Like the Fire 7 Tablet, the Fire HD 8 can also be upgraded to higher capacity storage or without special offers for a little more money while retaining a similar kind of discount. And if you don't already have Amazon Prime, just sign up for the free 30-day trial and you'll have access to all these Prime Day deals too.

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