One of the best deals from Amazon Prime Day was the Kindle Paperwhite. The best bang-for-buck e-reader (because the lack of the backlight on the base model Kindle is a deal breaker for me) was marked down to just $80. But if you’re looking for a more premium e-reading experience without too much more of a premium on price, Amazon is clearing out the older Kindle Oasis for just $124.98. That’s half price.

Of course, this comes with a couple of caveats. As you know, the newer 2017 model effectively replaced this previous generation Kindle Oasis originally released in 2016. There are a few notable differences. The last-gen model has a 6-inch screen and a charging cover, whereas the 2017 model is waterproof with a 7-inch screen (but no charging cover).

Oh, and the other thing is that the current gen Kindle Oasis sells for $250, whereas this previous gen Kindle Oasis is on sale for half that. Because it’s a discontinued model, they don’t have any new ones anymore. Instead, you’ll need to click through to see all the buying options and reveal the used offering.

The good news is that you’re not buying from some random Joe Schmoe. Amazon Warehouse is the seller, so you get fulfillment by Amazon, including free shipping. They say the previous gen Kindle Oasis is in “used good” condition with “minor cosmetic imperfection on the item.” You’re also limited only to the walnut version, though you can pay an extra $25 to get the black model in “acceptable” condition if you prefer.

Remember that my biggest grip against original 2016 Kindle Oasis was the price. Now that it’s effectively half price, I can’t recommend it enough. Pick it up for $124.98 with free shipping while supplies last.

Here’s a video comparison between the two generations I did for my vlog earlier this year.


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