Is the cake still a lie? Portal 2 from Valve has only been out for a day and already the ending credits song has been posted on the Internet. I guess I’m not the only kind of person who rifles through an entire game in one sitting. And I don’t blame you.

It’s debatable whether this new GLaDOS hit will be quite as iconic as “Still Alive,” but you have to admit that it’s pretty catchy too. What’s cool is that Valve went back to Jonathan Coulton to author the new “Want You Gone” song, seeing how Coulton was the one who wrote Still Alive. It was a triumph indeed.

In any case, if you’re still making your way through Portal 2 and would rather revel in the accomplishment of finishing the game on your own, you might want to skip the embedded video. If, on the other hand, you have no problem with spoilers or you’re not even playing Portal 2 at all, then the video is totally worth watching. Now we just have to wait for “Want You Gone” to show up as Rock Band DLC.

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