With the noted exception of the shuffle, the rest of the Apple iPod line is perfectly capable of playing video files. Why is it, then, that we are inundated with an endless supply of iPod speaker docks, but not nearly as many docks that can do the video thing? I know that the iPod can output its video, because Apple sells the bloody cable that makes this possible.

What you see above is the iLuv i1185 Portable Multimedia Player. It’s got an 8.4-inch color display and all you have you to do is dock your iPod next to this screen and it will be able to pump out all of that wonderful video content stored on your media player. The iLuv i1185 also supports DVDs, so it’s so much better than those standalone portable DVD players to boot.

Yes, I know that I can just watch the video on the tiny screen of an iPod nano, iPod classic, or iPod touch, but when I want something a little bigger (and portable), something like the iLuv PMP is perfect. Why can’t more companies produce items like this?

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