Pokemon Go has arrived on the Apple Watch, despite a report saying it wasn’t going to happen. Now iOS users can hit PokeStops, log their gameplay workout, and hunt down Pokemon right from their wrist, but they will have to pull out their phones to actually catch them.

Niantic is taking full advantage of the Apple Watch’s functionality and incorporating its fitness elements into the already-active game. Apple Watch sessions will count toward hatcing Pokemon Eggs, and gameplay counts towards your personal activity rings. Push notifications can tell you when there’s nearby Pokemon or a PokeStop, your eggs hatch, and when you get a medal.

I stopped play Pokemon Go a while ago when I grew frustrated with some of the game’s setbacks (and living in a very rural area doesn’t help), but if I used an Apple Watch this would certainly bring me back. It sounds like the definitive version of the game, at least so far, and I hope Niantic can build on it.

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