Top 10 Accidents Caused by Playing Pokemon GO

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We all know that staring at a screen — whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, HDTV or computer monitor — for an extended period of time probably isn’t very good for our eyes. You’ve probably heard stories of gamers who spent way too much time at cyber cafes, much to the detriment of their physical health. But the level of physical harm “caused” by playing a game has never before been quite as newsworthy as what we’re seeing with Pokemon GO accidents. Real people are really getting hurt.

The game has only been out for a short while, only “officially” being made available in Canada yesterday for that matter, and yet we can’t skim through Facebook without reading about how yet another Pokemon GO player is seriously injured again. We’ve compiled some of the best stories of people who probably spent too much time flinging Poke Balls and not enough time watching where they’re going.

And that’s beyond the spooky factor of hanging out at a graveyard behind a strip club in search of a gym.

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