Pokemon Go is nothing short of a global phenomenon. The only reason everyone around the world is playing it is simply because it hasn’t launched in all territories yet. It is now part of the worldwide culture and everyone and their brother is out finding pocket monsters. The one thing they can’t find? Love.

PokeMatch looks to solve that problem by matching users up with other hunters, asking important questions like are you looking for a romantic partner or a friend? Men, women, or gender-neutral? Most importantly, Team Valor, Mystic, or Instinct? I’m Team Instinct, ladies. It doesn’t seem to be very popular, so at the least competition won’t be as fierce.

There will no doubt be those who laugh at such a concept, but is it that much different than any other one of the other specialized dating services? You want to meet someone who shares your interests, right? Right now Pokemon Go is a pretty big interest for a lot of people.

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