Not super long ago, virtual reality gaming that was actually good seemed like a bit of a pipe dream. Then, as it started to really come into being, it seemed like it would be out of reach for the normal consumer, something that most people would only experience at gaming events. PlayStation VR should change that.

When it was announced that the Oculus Rift would cost $600, virtual reality seemed a little more within the reach of the average gamer, but that’s still the better half of a thousand bucks, not to mention you alsoneed a powerful PC to use the rift. Now Sony has announced that PlayStation VR will cost $400, just about the price of a new console. That certainly isn’t cheap, but if you can afford a new console, chances are you can afford Sony’s VR set up, too.

Of course, Sony was stretching the truth a bit. That $400 doesn’t include the PlayStation Camera, which is required to use Sony VR, and the camera retails for $60. So PlayStation VR will cost you $460. Still, five hundred bucks doesn’t seem that bad of a price for a whole new reality. PlayStation VR launches in October.

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