Yes, we are still making our way through all of our coverage from the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. You may have already seen our posts on Jurassic Park: The Game and the GAEMS portable Xbox and PS3 gaming case, but what about the audio side of the equation?

Naturally, one of the biggest names in that part of the gaming equation is Turtle Beach. They were at PAX showcasing their first ever line of licensed gaming hardware, partnering up with the folks at Infinity Ward to make official headsets for Modern Warfare 3. These start at about the $99 price range and go up from there, offering all kinds of nifty features like true surround sound, heavy Modern Warfare 3 branding, and even signature voice prompts from the popular video game franchise.

Check out my video interview below with Michael Arzt, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Turtle Beach. And yes, we still have more PAX coverage coming. Stay tuned!

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