I am sure many of you have heard of BitTorrent at one time or another. While BitTorrent has mostly been covered with the veil of being the root of piracy, it is used for other things as well. In this case, Australian movie maker Distracted Media has decided to crowdsource their latest movie project.

In a crowdsource scheme, the movie can be easily downloaded via BitTorrent client from any and everyone who is also downloading the movie. This method lowers the cost of distribution because it minimizes the need for large numbers of dedicated servers. You can also help support the project by buying a frame (out of 135,000 frames total) of the movie for a dollar each.

The movie will premiere in May on BitTorrent for free. It will be released on DVD via Paramount Pictures at a later date.  I honestly would like to see more indie films or small companies take this route to garner a larger audience. If a company is unable to afford distribution on a large scale, why not distribute the movie via The Pirate Bay worldwide. It could spark an interest in their work which could lead to better funding for their next production.

Source: Engadget

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