You might not think that you need a dashcam, but you’re wrong! How else are you going to capture all the cool stuff that happens right in front of your car, like meteors falling from the sky, airplanes crashing into freeways, or that stupid deer that jumped out of the bushes and bounced off of your hood? I don’t know when everyone started installing dashcams, but it sure has made the Internet a better place.

PAPAGO! is unveiling two spiffy looking dashcams at Computex Taipei 2014, both designed to be useful without sacrificing safety.

The GoSafe 200 clips on the back of your car’s rearview mirror and features a 2″ LCD screen that can be easily hidden away for safety or convenience reasons. It features a viewing range of 140 degrees that will allow you to capture a lot and 1080p HD resolution that will ensure that you capture it in wonderful clarity.

The GoSafe 260 is designed to replace your rearview mirror as the optimal way to look behind your vehicle. A crystal clear HD display allows you to see everything behind you and the replacement mirror uses anti-glare technology to keep that pesky light out of your eyes.

Both dashcams serve their purpose and will likely fit whatever needs you’re looking to fill. The GoSafe dashcams go on sale in the US and Canada on June 6. Check out the full press release below.

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Newest PAPAGO! Dashcams the GoSafe 200 and 260 at Computex 2014

PAPAGO! is pleased to announce that they will feature the newest editions to the GoSafe line at the Computex Trade Show this year. The newest GoSafe dashcams are both incredibly different. Each covers specific creative technological qualities for consumers with specific needs in mind. The stealth design of the GoSafe 200 is like nothing else on the market today with its ability to clip on your rearview mirror and a hideaway LCD screen. While the GoSafe 260 replaces your rearview mirror and records footage with a crisp, clear quality that overshadows all the similar products of its kind.

The Computex Tradeshow in Taipei in the Nanang Exhibition Center will be from June 3-7, 2014. Computex is best known as the host to the top innovators and tech greats from around the world, so PAPAGO! will fit right in. You can find PAPAGO! in the Exhibition Hall 1, 1F Booth# D0611a.

The GoSafe 200 has an ergonomic design that clips on the back of the cars rearview mirror and allows for the driver to use or hide-away the 2 LCD screen so you will not break any placement laws and avoid getting distracted while driving. The GoSafe 200 has a mini-compact design that weighs 0.2 lbs. with a large viewing range of 140 angle and 1080p HD resolution so you are sure to record everything. The PAPAGO! research and design team diligently works towards providing features that promote safety. In line with that motto the sliding LCD screen was designed so the driver can put it away or use it when they want to snap a picture or manage the device.

The GoSafe 260 is also designed with safety in mind for those individuals that do not want to add another device into the car but would rather just use it in replace of their cars rearview mirror. The GoSafe 260 outweighs its competitors by using a highly developed anti-glare mirror that helps the driver avoid obtrusive flares of light that can cause accidents. Far surpassing other rearview mirror dashcams, the 2.7 LCD screen allows the driver to have a wider viewing range of the events behind them, while the cameras 1080p HD capture rate records vivid footage of your drive or lets the driver zoom in and out so they can snap a photo.

Starting June 6, 2014 the latest PAPAGO! GoSafe dashcams will be available for purchase in the US and Canada at select retailers. Please visit us.papagoinc.com for the latest retailers available. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please contact sales_us@papagoinc.com.


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