Back in 2014, China-based electronics company TCL acquired the rights to the Palm brand name – yes, the brand behind 1997’s PalmPilot – with the intention of reviving the company. It wouldn’t be the company’s first foray into necromancy, having brought BlackBerry back from the brink with mixed, but not terrible results. Well it looks like the plans are in motion as a TCL executive confirmed that the company intends to launch Palm-branded smartphones on Verizon in the second half of 2018.

We know absolutely zilch about the phones, but going with Verizon makes sense, as Verizon was a longtime partner of Palm, selling most of their phones. The last phone of theirs they sold was the Pre 2, and they were all ready to sell the Pre 3 once HP bought Palm, but HP cancelled the phone before it reached the United States.

With their BlackBerry revival, TCL hasn’t strayed very far from nostalgic territory, so it’s worth wondering if they’re going to do the same thing with Palm. This retro take with BlackBerry hasn’t been super successful, so TCL may steer clear of the PalmPilot homages and just jump straight to a modern, cutting-edge phone. Time will tell, but hopefully not much time.

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