Lately it seems I keep coming across products that I simply cannot decide whether they’re brilliant or patently ridiculous. For the latest entry, we have an inflatable outdoor theater for those who cannot simply enjoy a beautiful summer night without bringing a television into it. I don’t get it myself, but I know there are people who cannot be without their digital media no matter what is going on. So, this is for you!

This is exactly what it appears to be… a 72-inch inflatable TV on inflatable legs that can be used indoors or out, day or night. It has a built-in electric pump so it’ll self-inflate in less than five minutes. It’s made of weather-resistant PVC, making it safe to leave outside or near the pool, which is something that can’t be said of most electronics. It has a max of 480p resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, and up to 600:1 contrast ratio with 900 lumens for optimal brightness, but cannot really do full HD. It can connect to any video source using component, VGA, or HDMI, as well as USB devices and SD cards (cables not included). It also has water-resistant twin 8″ H x 5″ W x 5 1/2″ D 5-watt speakers which produce clear sound and plug into the projector with the included 6′ cords, and comes with a remote that will control both the speakers and projector.

Please note, the projector and pump plug into an electrical outlet, and are not water-resistant, so that will impact where you can place the screen. The screen weighs 70 pounds, and the projector weighs just 2 1/2 pounds. The neat thing about this is that you can use it indoors and it’s pretty much impossible to ruin (lacking a sharp object, of course), so if you have kids or rambunctious pets, this could be a godsend. At just under $1,000.00 US, it’s not cheap…but then neither is most home entertainment equipment.

Source: Red Ferret

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