You didn’t read that headline wrong. OnePlus has released a new “sandstone black” smartphone case, finished with the unique texture that you can find on their OnePlus 2 device, and it’s available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Yes, it’s not for their smartphones, but rather Apple’s smartphones.

I think there are two reasons to do one. One is to mock Apple. The marketing material suggests that OnePlus is taking a jab at the big guys, with the inside of the case containing the words “Get a Grip. #NeverSettle” and a card inviting the user to purchase a OnePlus X. It makes the whole thing look like a big marketing scheme for their own phone.

On the other hand, this is a legitimate smartphone case, and OnePlus is catering to Apple’s established customer base. So while I think this is meant to be seen as a clever joke, I think OnePlus is also hoping to make a few bucks off of iPhone users, which doesn’t look very confident on their part. I guess it looks better than just adopting a “if you can’t beat them, join them attitude” and sincerely releasing a line of iPhone cases, but the best thing to do would have been to not release the case at all.

OnePlus has always offered a trade-in deal for iPhone and Samsung users that are switching over, so this is very much in their ballpark, but it fails – both as an attempt to stir up mild controversy and as an attempt to sell smartphone cases. I could be wrong on the latter, time will tell, but I can’t imagine any iPhone user thinking that their phone needs to feel a lot more like a different company’s phone.

The cases are available now for $26.99, with free shipping.

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