We already knew that another OnePlus phone is coming out this year, the company said as much when they released the OnePlus 2 back in August. We now know that the phone will be announced on October 29th, just a few weeks away, and that’s when we’ll see our first picture of it.

Unless, of course, you want to see it now.

These are the things that I have trouble believing are oversights. Everyone knows what the Internet is and how it behaves in regards to tech news. Things always leak and of course a picture of OnePlus’ new phone, which isn’t scheduled to officially hit until the end of the month, is available to view right now.OnePlus is a smart company that makes solid phones, so they had to have seen this coming, right?


That’s OnePlus’ new phone which, guessing by the teaser image at the top of the post, is probably called the OnePlus X. The leaked photo was spotted in an FCC filing. The Internet is no place for secrets.

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