If you’ve been itching to get your hands on a new flagship smartphone but don’t want to drop the kind of coin required to land a Galaxy Note8, Pixel 2 XL or iPhone X, you will soon be in luck. In what may be the Internet’s worst kept secret to date, the OnePlus 5T will finally be revealed officially next Thursday. That’s November 16 and the kicker is that the general public can attend the unveiling too.


When it comes to most of these unveiling type events, the invites typically only go out to members of the press. That’s to be expected, because the company wants to garner as much buzz and coverage as they can.

But OnePlus has never been one to conform to conventional standards. Remember the invite system for buying the original smartphone?

Over on the company’s forums, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei announced that the keynote presentation is scheduled for Thursday, November 16th at 11 a.m. Eastern Time in Brooklyn, New York. If you, as a regular person, would like to attend, you can buy a ticket through the launch page starting this Wednesday for a cool price of $40. If you’re not in the Big Apple (or would rather save $40 for something else), you can stream the show for free via the official launch page too.

The teaser trailer is embedded above and I have no idea what OnePlus is trying to say about offering “a new view” with the OnePlus 5T. What the new phone has to do with a robot running through a tunnel and then jumping into a bustling, futuristic metropolis is anyone’s guess.

What we can gather thus far, though, is that the OnePlus 5T is going to have a headphone jack and it’ll likely bear a striking resemblance to the Oppo R11s. We can also expect the usual slew of flagship caliber specs. Following the keynote on November 16, the actual phone itself will go on sale in North America and Europe the following Tuesday on November 21. It will then expect to India on November 28 and China on December 1.

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