The world of technology is much like everything else in this world: it’s all about one-upping the competition with something new and exciting. The iPhone X has Face ID. The Pixel 2 XL has a squeezable frame and an incredible camera. So what OnePlus 5T feature is going to help this “flagship killer” get a leg up on the competition? It’s something we all want. You might even say it’s courageous.

Confirmed by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau via the company’s forums, the upcoming OnePlus 5T will still have a 3.5mm headphone jack. After Apple decided to make the “courageous” move of removing the headphone jack last year, the rest of the industry has largely been following suit.

Naturally, there is some rationale there. We’ve moving toward wireless everything else, so why shouldn’t we push wireless headphones too? And the component for the 3.5mm port is taking up precious space inside our increasingly slender smartphones, space that could be used for bigger batteries or whatever else. But I still want to use my headphones.

It’s probably not fair to say that the signature OnePlus 5T feature will be the inclusion of a headphone jack. After all, we still find it in the Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note8, and LG V30, among others. Even so, when the trend is moving one way, it’s hard to swim upstream in the opposite direction, especially if some people will you that you’re swimming backwards.

In justifying this decision, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau tells us that 70% of users prioritize sound quality. Wireless earbuds are getting better, but the best wired headphones are still better. He also highlights the notion of user freedom, saying that 80% of users still use “in-jack headphones.” They even considered including a second USB-C port, but decided in the end that the 3.5mm jack would be valued more by more users.

With the leaks surrounding this phone, will they have any more secrets to reveal about the OnePlus 5T? The official announcement is only two weeks away, so we won’t have long to wait either way.

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