Not content with simply building decent RAM and power supplies, it would appear that OCZ Technology has it’s sights set on the DIY or barebones notebook market with their latest 15″ DIY Kit. This market has seen some more budget minded entries companies like Acer and Asus, but this is first enthusiast targeted barebones kit that I know of. OCZ’s press release would agree, as Ryan Edwards, Director of Product Management, was quoted stating the following.

“With OCZ DIY notebooks, end-users have complete control of the cost/performance ratio of key components, giving consumers the opportunity to personalize a true gaming and multi-tasking powerhouse notebook by using a validated component list and our easy to follow step-by-step manual included with every DIY package.”

Basically he’s saying that this latest kit will be easy to setup and assemble, and easy to use after the fact. While I can’t argue the importance of that, I wonder how well the aspirations will match up with component availability. Though mobile components are mostly available for purchase from many retailers, availability of some components can be spotty. Either way this looks quite interesting, to say the least. If you want more information you can check out OCZ’s full press release, or check out the product home page.

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