NZXT has $3,000 worth of prizes to give away to NZXT customers all around the globe. This contest bega on Monday, July 23rd and has already given away 3 sets of NZXT’s newest cables. It will end with the Ultimate Mystery Prize worth a value of $1,200!  Simply follow these three easy steps to unlock and win prizes…

Step 1

Change your profile picture to the NZXT logo. Click here to download the logo.

Step 2

Click the “Like” button at the top of the page if you have not already “Liked” this page.  Suggest this Facebook page to friends in order to unlock the next level prizes; increase the NZXT page total number of Likes until level goal is completed.

Step 3

With each level reached, we will post the next level goal on the wall.  Comment within 48hrs on the most current level post for a chance to win the level prize.  Number of prize wins per participant is unlimited.

Please visit NZXT’s Facebook page for more details.

Remember, as the first day, we are giving away 3 sets of new NZXT cables! Each set contains all 10 new NZXT cables (last 10 cables on the list).  Put up your NZXT logo and comment on the contest post to be entered to win one of the 3 prizes of the first giveaway.  You have 48 hrs since Facebook wall post to comment.  Good luck!

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