The NVIDIA SHIELD tablet has been in the news a lot lately. First, there was the massive leak that revealed pretty much everything about it. Then there was the official announcement, which didn’t really have any steam because of the previous massive leak that revealed pretty much everything about it. This news, however, should get certain folks excited: it ships today.

The SHIELD tablet starts at $299 and crams the latest hardware – Tegra K1 and all that – into its 8-inch frame, which will hopefully make it a serious contender in the mobile gaming wars.

The SHIELD tablet and (optional) wireless controller are initially coming to the United States and Canada, but they’ll be hitting Europe really soon. If you want a good visual idea of what’s in store, I’ve embedded an unboxing video below.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on NVIDIA’s latest and if anyone happens to pick one up, we’d love to hear how you like it! Reviews should be popping up around the Internet sometime soon.

Scroll down to check out the full press release.

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Wield the SHIELD: SHIELD Tablet Ships, Get Your Gaming On (Video)


July 29, 2014

The ultimate tablet for gamers ships today, and consumers cant wait.

Starting at $299, the SHIELD tablet packs a huge number of next-generation technologies into a compact, 8-inch Android tablet powered by our 192 core super chip, Tegra K1.

One reporter called the SHIELD tablet the best gaming tablet in the world, while others remarked, The SHIELD tablet has the potential to supplant the Google Nexus 7 as the tablet Android aficionados prefer, and For gamers its the only choice out there if you want a solid gaming tablet. It also helps that the tablet comes at great price for such a powerful device.

Available in the United States, Canada, and coming soon to Europe, the SHIELD tablet and the SHIELD wireless controller join the SHIELD portable as part of our growing family of gaming devices. Each of these products is built to offer an unmatched Android and PC gaming experience.

Its all part of our plan to transform Android into a vibrant gaming platform that can excite gamers and provide the foundation for a thriving industry.

With the SHIELD tablet, we built a device we can recommend to our friends, family and fans. It comes with up to 32 GB of built in storage plus microSD support, a stylus with real-time 3D painting software and a front-facing 5 megapixel camera. The Wi-Fi 16B version is available now, and the LTE/Wi-Fi 32GB version is coming soon. The SHIELD wireless controller retails for $59. The SHIELD tablet cover sells for $39.

So grab yours today at, Amazon, Best Buy, Frys Electronics, GameStop, Micro Center, Newegg and Tiger Direct in the US, and at Canada Computers, Memory Express, NCIX and ThinkGeek in Canada. In Europe, the SHIELD tablet is available for preorder at many top e-tailers.

We cant wait to hear what you think of the SHIELD tablet.

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