If you're already a proud member of the PC Master Race, then you've probably already gone down the path to RGB all the things. From RGB keyboards to RGB mice, RGB headsets to RGB cup holders, there are 16 million colors everywhere you look. And now you can take that RGB madness on the road with the first RGB gaming phone. Say hello to the Nubia Red Magic.

You may or may not already be familiar with the Nubia brand. It's the name under which ZTE markets several of its smartphones, but the Nubia Red Magic looks very different from their other phones. For starters, this is the first gaming phone with RGB lighting.

The overall design aesthetic takes what the Razer Phone did for gaming phones and ramps it up several notches. It's almost as if they borrowed significant inspiration from an Asus Republic of Gamers gaming laptop and applied it to the mobile space. You get the red-and-black motif with more of an angular design.

The 24-megapixel camera on the back gets a hexagonal lens instead of the usual circle. The fingerprint reader on the back is similarly hexagonal in shape, reminding me of the rupees in Legend of Zelda. Borrowing a page from the PC gaming sphere, the Nubia Red Magic also gets what is effectively an overclocking button. The dedicated hardware button activates what they call "GameBoost" software for added performance.

Just as cooling is important in gaming PCs, the same is true here. You get an "all-new air convection cooling system" with three layers of graphite and three grille vents in the heat sink.

Running through the specs, you find a Snapdragon 835 (same as the Razer Phone), 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, an 18:9 edge-to-edge FHD+ display, a 3800mAh battery, DAC, DTS amnplifier, and an anticipated price point of $400 when it hits Indiegogo on April 26. For more info, check out the very appropriate redmagic.gg web domain.

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