In my line of work, I am more often than not trying to do something that requires both hands in the dark. Get your mind out of the gutter; I’m talking about wiring, mostly. Consequently, I have tried every possible gadget, adapter, and DIY method of making it possible to hold a flashlight in my mouth without either chipping my teeth or drooling all over everything. I’ve also tried several different headlamps, but most of them either make me look like a visitor from the future or don’t stay where I need them. This might be the answer I’ve been searching for the last 20 years.

There are five high-efficiency LEDs in the lightweight polymer body. The Irix II is powered by a single AA alkaline battery (included), and the company claims you can get up to 100 hours of use from a battery. You can adjust the light output from 5 to 50 lumens, and the range is from 6.5 to 49 feet. At closer ranges, the light will be brighter. The headband is fully adjustable to fit just about any size head.

You can pick one up for $29.95 US.

Source: The Gadgeteer

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