If you’re looking for a high-end smartphone at more of a mid-range kind of price, the brand new OnePlus 3 is totally your kind of thing. But what if you have more of a modest budget and you don’t need six freakin’ gigabytes of RAM in your little pocket computer? Following up on last year’s OnePlus X, the company has announced it has absolutely no intentions of releasing a OnePlus X2. Too bad.

When OnePlus first started out, they really did just focus on a single handset: the OnePlus One. It broke all sorts of new ground, not only given the specs for the price, but also for the strange invite system. They followed that with the OnePlus 2. When they introduced the OnePlus X, everyone thought that the company would continue with two main lines of smartphones: one at the higher end (at about $400) and one in the mid-range (at about $200). That is now over.

Even though we saw the possibility of a OnePlus X Plus or OnePlus 2 Mini based on some leaks late last year, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has formally indicated at an event in Shenzhen that the OnePlus X will not be getting a successor. The rationale is they want to focus on just one “true flagship” to further strengthen their brand and infrastructure, rather than diluting their resources by trying to sell a cheaper phone too.

That’s not to say that OnePlus will only have the one phone to sell. The company is planning on selling more lifestyle products, like a series of bags and accessories, to further bolster the brand. It’s just that a OnePlus X2 is not going to be a part of that mix.

Via Engadget

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