So, it looks like the proverbial cat is pretty much out of the bag now and it's a cat that doesn't look especially surprised to see us. And we're not exactly all that surprised by the sight of said cat in said bag. While Nintendo won't host its press conference until a little later this week, it looks like the Nintendo Switch price has all but been confirmed.

Citing TechTastic from the Netherlands, BGR is reporting that Nintendo's next big console "might" cost €249.99. The assumption is that the price in Holland would be comparable to other parts of Europe. This aligns with the preorder price of £198.50 (around €231.45) listed by UK retailer Game Seek.

If that kind of Nintendo Switch price range sounds familiar, it should. We already heard late last year that the console would probably cost about $250 in the US. Based on current exchange rates, €250 is about $265 US and European prices tend to be just a bit higher than how much you'd pay in the States. Similarly, the current estimate for the Japan market has the price pegged at around 25,000 Yen, which works out to a little over €200.

To be fair, none of these are real "confirmations," but it sure looks like the stars are aligning. Look for the Nintendo Switch to launch in March and keep your eyes peeled for the press conference this Friday.

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