You know how so people mucked around with the Nintendo Wii Remote so that they could use it on their computers too? It turns out that you can do exactly the same thing with Nintendo Switch controllers. That’s because both the Joy-Con controllers and the Nintendo Switch Pro controllers use regular old Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

What this means is that you can switch your Nintendo Switch controllers of choice to your platform of choice, including Windows PC, macOS machines and Google Android devices. The controllers won’t work with iOS devices for now, because iPhones and iPads use their own Bluetooth controller specification. I’m sure somebody is working on a hack on that in the meantime.

Interestingly, each “half” of the Joy-Con controllers can be used as independent controllers on your PC, but even when you slap them together, they cannot (yet) be used as one cohesive controller. Again, we probably just have to wait for a modding community to come up with a software patch to fix that.

Check out the demo videos below to see these Nintendo Switch controllers in action. Another curiosity that has popped up on the web? If you connect the Switch to a MacBook with a USB-C cable, the Switch will charge the MacBook and not the other way around. Weird, right?



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