Don’t call it a comeback (or do, because Nintendo needed a comeback after the Wii U)! Nintendo is killing it right now. Not only did we just learn that the 3DS is still kicking all sorts of butt despite the Switch being a portable hybrid, but Nintendo announced the Nintendo Labo, an “interactive build-and-play experience” that allows you to play Switch games with DIY accessories. While primarily aimed at kids, it’s hard to resist that very specific brand of Nintendo magic, which Labo (the Labo?) seems to be steeped in.


Instead of trying to capture that essence with my poorly-constructed words, let this pitch-perfect ad from Nintendo do the talking.

It’s a beautiful blend of creative ingenuity and tried-and-true gaming that should engage kids and adults alike. It’s like Kix: kid tested and mother approved. The cardboard serves a dual-purpose. The building of the accessories is half if not most of the fun, and they will likely be much easier to replace than plastic accessories. The initial costs are $69.99 and $79.99 for the Variety Kit and Robot Kit, respectively, but that price includes the software that comes with them. Hopefully Nintendo will also produce affordable replacement packs with just the cardboard parts. The kits go on sale on April 20th.

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