Nintendo Engineers The Greatest Comeback Ever

For a couple years now, Nintendo was a mere speck on the last generation console war radar. While being sustained only by its portable gaming division with its DS products, the Wii has brought the Nintendo console division back from the dead. Despite minor setbacks like flying controllers, it appears that the word at Nintendo is “Wii Are Back”…

After placing a distant third in the last generations console wars, behind the PlayStation 2 and Microsofts original Xbox, Nintendo has roared back to a position approaching dominance on the strength of its two innovative machines: the hand-held Nintendo DS and the much- lauded Wii. Last month, Nintendo sold more than four times as many Wii units (360,000) as Sony sold PlayStation 3s (82,000), and many people still cant find the Wii on store shelves.

Even with Nintendo pushing out quantities on a consistent basis, the word on the street is “Wii” still can’t find one!

Source: New York Times

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