In news that will surprise absolutely nobody who’s ever picked up a gaming controller, the Nintendo Switch is absolutely crushing the competition in Japan. Nintendo is dominating on both the software and hardware sides of things, but just how much they’re outperforming the competition is impressive.

Of the current top twenty best selling titles, seventeen of them are for Nintendo consoles, fourteen of which are on the Switch. The other three Nintendo titles are unsurprisingly 3DS games. The only titles on the list that Nintendo can’t claim credit for are three PlayStation 4 games, the best selling of which, Yakuza 3, doesn’t show up until the number four spot.

For the August 13 – August 19 sales week, 57.2-percent of all console sales were Switch sales. Coming in second was Sony’s PlayStation 4, which moved almost a staggering 34,000 units less than Nintendo’s latest creation.

Last week saw the release of Yakuza 3 on the PS4, which debuted at the number one spot. Even then thirteen titles on the list still belonged to the Switch, and you can see that Yakuza three dropped a full thirteen spots just one week after its debut. By comparison, some of these Switch games have been out for a year and a half. That’s a hell of a lot of staying power.

Then there the Xbox One and Xbox One X, which sold a combined 96 units in Japan this week. I’ve made myself sad.

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