Most people would agree that as far as smartphone cameras go, the one offered by Apple on its iPhone has consistently been ranked among the top. A big part of this has to do not only with the actual camera hardware, but also how the software manages the image processing. Well, it looks like Apple is adding another feature to its bag of tricks.

Codenamed “Mogul,” the new feature will reportedly allow users to shoot high speed video at 120 frames per second. As you know, this would then be played back at a more normal frame rate, resulting in a slow-motion video. The new feature was leaked, hidden inside the latest beta version of iOS 7. That said, it can’t be enabled on current iPhone models, because the hardware won’t support it. So, it can only work on a new iPhone (or other Apple device).

The current iPhone is only capable of shooting video at 30fps, so this bump to 120fps would put it at the same level as the Samsung Galaxy S4, which does have a slow motion video mode. And if the S4 is any indication, people apparently want to have a whole bunch of extra camera modes, if only for novelty’s sake. Will the new iPhone reinvent the Eraser or the Drama Shot mode too?

Via 9to5Mac

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