If you were one of the unfortunate few that got stuck with the gimped Xbox 360 Arcade help is on the way courtesy of Microsoft. A new bundle retailing for $109 CDN will give you all the Xbox Live action that you’ve been missing out on. That’s right. You no longer have to play with yourself.

The bundle includes…

  • 60 GB hard drive… Download HD movies and games from Xbox LIVE directly to your 60GB hard drive
  • Xbox 360 wired headset… Strategize with team mates or chat with friends over Xbox LIVE
  • Three-month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription… Play your favourite games online with your friends
  • Ethernet cable… Plug your Xbox 360 in and start enjoying Xbox LIVE

In other words, pretty much everything that you should have bought in the first place, before you were duped into the Arcade Bundle. I know that some of you were victims of uninformed gift givers. Simply buy the bundle, do the stealth install, and then tell people that the reason you didn’t join them on Xbox Live was because you didn’t have Internet (anything but the truth). They’ve shipped today so expect to see them soon at a store near you.

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