Australian-based company Mobile Phone Finder has put together “Sh*t Android Fanatics Say,” a video poking fun at Android fanatics who like to boast about Google’s operating system while putting down Apple in every respect. The video also lampoons the popular “Sh*t (Fill in the Blanks) Say” series of memes.

As an Android fanatic myself, I thought the video was funny. Even in my small town, I’m somewhat surrounded by Apple fans, and I’m no stranger to the occasional Apple dig, but I’m nothing like the guy in the video. That said, I do appreciate being able to charge my phone with a standard microUSB and I regularly take advantage of a plethora of widgets.

I find a lot of Apple fans to be pretentious, but the growing level of Apple haters are getting just as bad, so good on Mobile Phone Finder for taking aim at the other side for a change.

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