From the English word “gelid” which is derived from the Latin word “gelidus” (extremely cold, icy), GELID Solutions is ready to take on the highly competitive cooling market. With the launch of their new website yesterday, GELID Solutions is finally ready to get out from under their veil of secrecy and plunge into the icy depths of the task of cooling your computer. Even before launch, the company had samples of their secret thermal goop circulating the Interwebs. Websites like Futurelooks were one of the first to samples this substance and came away extremely impressed with not only the performance, but also the target price point.

The company is based in Hong Kong and is run by an All-Star Swiss Management team, one of which is the an original founder of Arctic Cooling, Gebhard Scherrer. He is joined by another original member of the Swiss Arctic Cooling Team, VC Tran, and they hope that with their expertise in launching a successful brand like Arctic Cooling, that they can do it even better the second time around with even more innovative products that improve the computing experience. These include the aforementioned secret cooling goop known at GC-1, an innovative line of cooling fans for both Gamers and Silent PC enthusiasts, and unique CPU cooling solutions.

You can check out their new site that is online right now at:

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