I remember messing around with MS Paint on my mom’s Windows 3.1 machine way back in the day. The very concept of the paint bucket simply blew my tween-age mind, even if the resulting “artwork” certainly left a lot to be desired. Kids these days will never know, because a new Microsoft Paint is being previewed that makes it easier than ever to create great 3D art.

We have to remember that the new Microsoft Paint, like all the versions that came before it, is meant to be as simple and as approachable by the masses as possible. Based on what we can see, you don’t get the multi-layer or multi-file support that you might find in something like PhotoShop. What you do get is an easy way to work in a 3D space and create “realistic” 3D objects using the new brushes.


As you might imagine, the ideal configuration here would be if you are using a Surface Pen on your Microsoft Surface tablet of choice, drawing right on the screen and manipulating those 3D objects as you see fit. Of course, you could just as easily use your finger on a touchscreen (likely with diminished levels of precision) or with a mouse and keyboard on a more traditional setup.

Details of the new Microsoft Paint app for Windows 10 started leaking over the weekend and we’re not completely sure when it’ll be ready for public release. There should be more information at the Windows 10 and Surface event later on this month.

What we can see is that the user interface has also been completely overhauled. Most of the controls are over on the right hand size and they come in different tabs like how you find in Office apps. All of the same core functionality remains, like cropping and inserting text, but now they’ve added more 2D freehand features, plenty of basic 3D shapes, and an online “community” where you can download more 3D objects. In the second video below, you can see the 3D vase that the user downloaded.

Are you excited about some new Paint? Are you ready to create silly memes with 3D objects too?



Via The Verge

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