It’s crazy to think that the Amazon smartphone, something that has been talked about for years, is almost here. While the phone has yet to be officially unveiled and probably won’t see release until third quarter of this year, we already know practically everything about it thanks to a variety of leaks. Now comes the most exciting leak: the picture.

Of course, we’ve seen a picture of the Amazon smartphone before… sort of. The earlier leaked picture showed the handset strapped into a bulky casing specifically to prevent people from seeing the phone underneath. Now we have a different picture that, while not of the physical phone itself, shows the official design created by graphic designers at Amazon. According to BGR, the image has been verified as authentic by several sources.

In short, it looks like a smartphone. The Amazon smartphone adheres to the same relatively uniform look that’s used by many popular handsets, but that certainly doesn’t mean it looks bad. The rounded edges certainly go a long way in making it look appealing. Although the screen is only 4.7-inches, the device is supposedly on the larger side.

This will be Amazon’s first smartphone, but the company doesn’t plan to stop there. There was a time where I was a bit excited to see what Amazon could bring to the table, but the smartphone market is so ridiculously packed that another contender barely warrants my curiosity. And now that I’ve seen what the phone will look like, I feel justified in ignoring it… until they blow me away with some killer feature or price point.

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